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We need to talk about the proper way to market your home in this extremely competitive real estate market and how I can help you achieve your goal.

            First of all let me introduce myself and explain my unique qualifications to market your home. I have been a Real Estate Broker for more than 18 years. My first two years I was with Realty Executives and for 15 years was a REMAX Broker. Additionally, I have been involved in the Home Construction Industry in excess of 24 Years.

            The home owner that will be successful in today’s highly competitive real estate market must use all marketing tools available to him or her.  I will offer you my dual skill set of both a top producing real estate broker and experienced home builder in aggressively and expertly marketing your home.  To assist you in achieving your goal of a sale, I offer a software program called AUTO-CAD which will allow me to draw a floor plan of your home and insert the pictures of each room into the floor plan creating an Interactive Floor Plan. This extremely effective marketing tool is not used by, or even available to most real estate agents.

            The Interactive Floor Plan has many advantages:   (1) showing a potential buyer the layout of the home; (2) showing furniture placement, bedroom and bath/closet layout; and most valuable - (3) the ability to accurately bid upgrades, updates and repairs. This is a very important feature because a buyer frequently over inflates the cost of any repairs or updates. Another real estate agent may not have the necessary and proper facts of the actual cost and could be in a weak negotiating position. As your real estate sales professional, and with my decades of experience, I will put us in a far better position to successfully negotiate the most advantageous selling price, including terms and conditions, for your property.

            Because I was a builder before I became a real estate broker, I had to hire real estate agents to sell my builder homes.  The agents would, from time to time, offer me a discount on the real estate commission.  As I soon discovered, much to my dismay, this discount would come out of their advertising budget which inhibited my chances for a sale. These agents would put the property in the MLS and fail to employ creative and effective advertising techniques that would help me achieve my goal – the timely sale of my property.  Other agents would charge the going rate and this was somewhat more successful.  It was costing me money in builder loan interest every day the property remained unsold.  These agents had no sense of urgency on my behalf which taught me empathy for my clients and potential clients.

            I understand how stressful marketing your home can be.  Keeping it clean, having to leave during showings, and the cost to you and your family in time and money can unnerve even the calmest seller.

To enhance and contribute to the success of our joint endeavor to achieve a sale of your home, I will make you a 30 day guaranteed sale:   If I do not bring you a bona fide offer to purchase your home in the first 30 days, I will reduce my commission (coming out of my typical 3% side of the transaction) by twenty dollars ($20.00) each and every day thereafter until we get a deal on your property. I cannot directly speak for you, but when something is costing me money, I want to find us a buyer as soon as possible. This motives me to work hard and tirelessly for you; we both have some skin in the game.

            Please call me so I can schedule a convenient appointment to view and assess your property, explain my Guaranteed Sale Program, and discuss how my experience and creative marketing skills can help you achieve your goals!



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